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Individual support to rediscover your vitality

If you’re ready to wake up feeling refreshed, soothe your gut and discover a true sense of vitality, we're ready to help. We’ll guide you as you adopt your new style of eating, encourage you to move to make your body and mind feel good, and provide positive and practical support to give you the confidence to take on your new lifestyle. 

We deeply understand the challenges that come with taking control of your health - when we’re juggling busy careers, hectic family life and everything else that we take on as women, finding the time to put yourself first can be difficult. We know, because we’ve been there, too. 

By joining one of our programs, you’re not just taking a step towards improved health and vitality. You’re making an investment in yourself and affirming that your own needs are important, too. Just the process of making this commitment can bring a powerful change into motion. Are you ready? 

Essential support, guidance and knowledge for a transformational health change

We take an integrated, practical approach to support my clients. This means we’ll take the time to listen to you and deeply understand your health concerns, goals and challenges. We’ll make sure your goals are realistic, achievable and will actually deliver the renewed vitality you’re seeking (hint, this is about more than a figure on a scale). We’ll discuss where you’ve struggled before or what is difficult for you, so we can put plans in place to overcome this. If you’ve battled cravings before, we’ll show you how to successfully remove the main culprits - sugar, chocolate, processed foods and alcohol - from your life in just a few weeks. We’ll also address chronic digestive issues and improve your sleep. With my extensive experience and practical hints, tips and guidance, we’ll overcome these challenges, calm your gut and improve your sleep health.

Together we’ll begin a journey tailor-made just for you. We’ll show you how to achieve the life-changing results you want through our in-depth knowledge and understanding of the science behind the  BioAlai Health System protocol. With our practical support and guidance, you’ll find yourself feeling better than ever. 

While everyone is different, the process generally includes private consultations and coaching, support to implement the BioAlai Health System, practical tips and recipes, and everyday habits to make regaining your health easier than it’s ever been.

A priceless investment in yourself: choose what works for you

Lifelong Vitality Individual Program

A 12 or 24 week one-on-one program. Perfect if you prefer personal mentoring, practical support and guidance to help you achieve your goals. By the end of the program, you’ll think of me like the friend you go to when you need knowledgeable advice and a kind but firm push to get you going. This program is ideal if you have a number of health challenges or you know you need extra support or flexibility.

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Lifelong Vitality Reset

Making major changes to your nutrition is easier when you’ve got your own personal coach supporting you through it. I’ll work through the BioAlai Health System, giving you practical tools, tips and support to make a lifelong change. 

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Bio-Alai Health System

If you have no major health concerns and you feel confident to go it alone, the BioAlai Health System allows you to implement this powerful protocol and nutrition plan independently. 

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Single Support Sessions

Single sessions are ideal if you’re just looking for guidance to get underway, or you want a follow up session after you’ve completed one of my programs.

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Just because you’ve hit your 40s (or beyond) doesn’t mean that you need to put up with where you are. Everyone can experience better health and vitality, regardless of where they’re at. Remember, women get better with age!

How would it feel to have more energy to get you through the day and sleep deeply every night waking up feeling refreshed? What about reaching (and maintaining) a healthy weight to reduce your risk of chronic health issues and disease? Would a clear and balanced mind allow you to focus on chasing (and reaching!) your goals sooner?

If you identify with any of these feelings - you’re in the right place

  • You’re feeling stuck, struggling with a particular health goal or challenge
  • You’ve almost forgotten what it feels like to wake up energised and ready to take on the day
  • You’re tired all over - your body, brain and skin feel exhausted and dulled
  • Intense food cravings derail your nutrition goals on a daily basis, and your gut struggles with sensitivity
  • You know you need more nutrient-dense foods to nourish your body, but you’re not sure what to eat, what to supplement or how to get started
  • Your brain fog is next level and you’re sick of forgetting keys, words, names… 
  • The emotional rollercoaster is too much to manage, and you’re finding yourself overwhelmed by what you have on your plate, frustrated by those around you and upset by your reactions

Not sure what option is right for you?

Book in a complimentary 45min chat, and we can talk through your goals and challenges, to help find the perfect path for you.


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Success Story

Dawn Engelbrecht

"I highly recommend working with Meaghan, she’ll stick with you till you get to the root cause, and then keep you accountable to reach your goals."

Working with Meaghan was not only educational, it was life changing! I have suffered from severe and debilitating headaches and migraines for as long as I can remember. Meaghan helped me identify the triggers and cause of my headaches and now they are a thing of the past.

I have also lived with long term chronic constipation for most of my adult life. I still can’t believe it, as both of these issues have been resolved, not just put a bandaid on, or not as severe, but completely resolved through working with Meaghan and completing the gut health protocol. The only time I get a headache or constipation now is if I eat the food we've identified doesn't agree with me.

As a postmenopausal woman, I thought this was just how life was going to be. However, with these health issues resolved, I have so much more energy and brain capacity for my busy life, including chasing after my grandkids. And because I'm now back to my healthy weight -5 ½ kilos lighter and my waist is back (6 ½ cm smaller), I treated myself to a new bikini for a Fiji holiday.

Program – Lifelong Vitality - Individual Program
Health Improvements –Resolved chronic long term migraines and headaches. Resolved chronic constipation. Significantly improved energy and brain focus. Reset healthy weight.
Weight loss – 5 ½ kilos, Waist 6 1/2 cm
Duration – 6 months