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Success Stories from Meaghan South Vitality Programs

Meaghan and Mel offer life-changing personalised programs including the Bio-Alai Health System designed to reset the gut to rebalance the bodies systems and address the underlying causes of inflammation and ageing. They help people to re-find their energy, lose those extra kilos and sleep restfully, so they can recover their health to feel like them again.

If you’re wondering if Meaghan and Mel are the right person to help you, or maybe you need some motivation and inspiration, you’re in the right place. These people have gone through one of the Meaghan South Vitality Programs and here are some stories of their life-changing transformations and honest reviews.

Vanessa Sleeth

"I will forever be grateful to Meaghan South and Dr Agnes for the guidance and unwavering support throughout my program and the Gut Health Protocol."

I feel better than I have in longer than I care to remember and only wish I had discovered the program earlier. It is the best investment I have made in myself. I am more organised and save time in my busy life by meal planning and prepping and I feel healthier, happier, more confident, my brain works better and I have SO MUCH MORE ENERGY.

This program is my new way of life and I love it. Thanks from the absolute bottom of my heart Meaghan and Dr Agnes for increasing my vitality for life xoxo

Oh and two things:

1. The gut health protocol is amazing, however it's Meaghan's guidance and customising where needed, that kept me on track and got me life-changing results.

2. The recipes on Meaghan’s Blog are delicious, nutritious and easy, and my whole family loves them.

Programme – Lifelong Vitality - Personal Program including the Bio-Alai Health System 
Health Improvements – Stabilised blood sugars and kick-started metabolism. Reset appetite, healthy weight and gut health. Improved brain function, nervous system and significantly improved energy.

Weight loss – 30 kilos
Duration – 6 months


Meaghan shared with me invaluable practical tips and delicious recipes that have really made a difference in my life and cooking for my family. I’ve refined my lifestyle to bring about sustainable change and the difference in my overall health is amazing. Thanks Meaghan! 

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"I highly recommend working with Meaghan, she’ll stick with you till you get to the root cause, and then keep you accountable to reach your goals."

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Rosalyn Kempinski

"Meaghan has been an absolute god send for me. I am now so much more in control with healthy food choices and taking better care of myself. I improved my Thyroid function, eliminated all acid reflux symptoms related to my Barret's Esophagus disease, lost 8 kilos but most importantly gained health."

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Jenny Jackson

"Meaghan is empathetic, caring and always there to support you. This is an amazing program. I am on a trial program for a new cancer treatment. I was ALWAYS hungry and couldn't get satiated, and impaired sleep is a side effect of the medication. I learnt the correct food to eat to keep me satiated, nourished and sleep better. This has changed the way I think about food"

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“Routine blood results in my early 50's showed poor kidney function, increasing cholesterol, menopausal hormones and low iron. This was a sliding doors moment for me – I either took control of my health or it was going to take control of me. I’ll be forever grateful to Meaghan, I have an abundance of energy, a focussed mind, a new way of living and helped me reach a healthy weight. Importantly, I have also learnt to slow down…”

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"I had spent many years telling myself I ate pretty healthily, but I have learned, that I was - simply - kidding myself. I was 20kgs heavier than I should be. I was mostly nauseous after eating, had skin congestion and interrupted sleep. I’d put my health last. 3 months later, my symptoms have resolved, I am 16kgs lighter and feel like the me I should and could have been years ago"

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Name Withheld

“Meaghan's patient support and accountability was key to my weight loss. I was beyond doing it by myself. The best thing is I know I’ve got this now for life, no going back for me, and it’s easy! I have more energy to play with my beautiful grandchildren and enjoy life. I have some fabulous new clothes and my self-esteem is high. Just do it."

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John and Susan Gaffy

"We were finally getting married after 10 years and four kids and found ourselves overweight, sluggish and basically in survival mode. Now we have achieved our weight loss and health goals we're determined to never go back to the way we were."

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"My IBS symptoms are now resolved, and Meaghan has given me long-term strategies. If I do go off track and start to feel my symptoms again, I have the tools to get back on track. I also lost some extra kilos that had crept on and wouldn't budge, I'm happier, sleeping better and back to exercising regularly. Thanks!

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Kimmy Thomas

“With her wealth of knowledge in all things wellness, skin, and nutrition, Meaghan's advice is practical, action oriented and she kept me accountable. She really helped me when I needed some simple, easy to follow inspiration to cook, exercise and re-find my healthy habits.”

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Angie Flemming

"I am in the best health I have been in decades. I have taken the best action I can to detox my body of the toxic cocktail that is chemotherapy and radiation. I now have a complete “reset” for fulfilling an amazing life ahead!"

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Ali and Anthony Rice

"My brain fog has diminished, I lost the extra weight and my energy is the best it’s been in years. This program is Life-Changing! And Meaghan's recipes are delicious as well as nourishing, I so recommend them and my girls will eat them too."

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Kate Gaffy

"Meaghan’s recipes and kitchen hacks are a game changer, they are easy to prepare, cost -effective and highly nutritious, without compromising on flavour. I work with Meaghan each year to reset my gut heath and weight, it's my way to keep feeling my best for my busy life”

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Jenny Hoystead

“I’ll be forever grateful to Meaghan for guiding me to lose 10 kilos, and feel and look 10 years younger. My blood pressure was a little high, I was feeling a little overweight, my sleep patterns weren't good and I just didn't have my normal energy."

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How Meaghan and Mel can help

How would it feel to have more energy to get you through the day and sleep deeply every night waking up feeling refreshed? What about reaching (and maintaining) a healthy weight to reduce your risk of chronic health issues and disease? Would a clear and balanced mind allow you to focus on chasing (and reaching) your goals sooner?

Meaghan and Mel work closely with their clients, using a supportive, integrated approach while closely collaborating with a Functional Medicine Doctor. Their commitment is to support you to achieve your health goals in the next 3 months, and to set you up with a new foundation for long term vitality. 

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