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As we age, and particularly as we transition through menopause, we become convinced that feeling tired, flat and ‘not ourselves’ is just a normal part of ageing. It’s not. If you’re struggling with any of these ‘everyday’ symptoms, we can help:

  • Low energy, fatigue and restless sleep
  • Dull, tired skin
  • Stubborn weight gain
  • Pain and inflammation
  • Gut intolerances, food sensitivities and intense cravings
  • Brain fog, lack of mental clarity and forgetfulness
  • Extreme emotions and mood instability
  • A sense of just not feeling like you used to

Stuck, fatigued, ready for change

This is exactly where I used to be. I was desperate for energy, battling a hazy memory, extra kilograms and irritable gut symptoms but I didn’t know where to look to start making a change. Juggling a busy career and family life, I felt like I didn’t have time to slow down and do the research to find a solution. Then, I was stopped in my tracks - with declining health, I had no choice but to stop and face the reality of my own lifestyle. 

With a career in wellness, I knew other women were wishing for health and vitality, battling gut health concerns and ready to reclaim their energy. They wanted to boost their metabolism, improve their performance at work and in life and remember names! Most of all, they longed to wake up feeling refreshed, full of energy to get on with their day.

These women knew what they wanted

Are you one of these women too? You know what you want (and what you don’t want) but there’s some big doubts standing in your way called ‘I don’t know how to get there’ or ‘I’ve already tried so many things’ or ‘these things work for other people, but not me’, or ‘I’m just too busy’. And, with a plethora of ‘quick-fix’ information out there, it’s hard to know where to look and who to believe.

Meet Angie, Ali and Tara who are three of these women:



Meaghan’s coaching programme supported me to get my health and energy back post breast cancer. I’d been bumping along rock bottom for a few years, but she showed me new ways of eating so I easily dropped the extra 11 kilos I was carrying. I ditched rewarding myself with a wine every night and don’t even miss it!

Now I have the occasional wine, and I feel so much better for it. The joint pain, bloating and swelling has gone, along with the frequent hot flushes. My skin is glowing like it did in my 30’s and I feel even better than I did before my diagnosis. I have had a complete reset in all areas of my life and now have the energy, clarity, motivation and focus to take my business to the next level and live the life I’ve always dreamed of!



My husband and I were in a slump and at the heaviest weight we had ever been in our lives. We were feeling flat, lacked energy, had brain fog, and found it hard to do everyday general tasks. We have tried many different diets in the past, but the weight always returned.

With our 40th birthdays approaching, and two beautiful young girls to chase after, we knew we needed to do something differently. Meaghan’s program was a game-changer for us, re-educating us on what it means to eat healthily. She gave me delicious new recipes, motivated me to exercise, something I’ve always struggled with, and generally gave us lots of support and tips that made sticking to it possible.

Our bodies are thanking us now! My husband lost 16kg and I lost 13.5kg, and I’m continuing to shed weight easily. My brain fog has diminished, and my energy is the best it’s been in years. This program is life-changing, thank you Meaghan. We are committed to this way of living in the longer term. It’s easy, we just feel so good and love our new bodies.



I booked to see Meaghan as my sleep patterns were changing, I was waking during the night and unable to get back to sleep, which was so annoying as it impacted the next day at work and looking after my family. I was beginning to get exhausted and not make great food and lifestyle choices to compensate, which of course made things worse.

Meaghan taught me all about being peri-menopausal and the impact it was having on my sleep and life. During her programme and the 6-week protocol, she helped me balance my blood sugars. settle my hormones and reset my gut. I sleep well again, have so much more energy – and I no longer need that 3 pm sweet treat to keep me going.

Meaghan shared with me invaluable practical tips and delicious recipes that have really made a difference in my life and cooking for my family. I’ve refined my lifestyle to bring about sustainable change and the difference in my overall health is amazing. Thanks Meaghan!

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Meet Meaghan

It’s so lovely to meet you. I’m Meaghan - successful business woman, integrative nutrition coach and busy mum. Like you, I’ve experienced my fair share of personal health struggles. With a successful career in medi-spas behind me, I’ve invested time and training in exploring the ‘bigger picture’ that surrounds health conditions (including gut health, menopause, inflammation and blood sugar balance). My approach focuses on resetting all body systems to create a new, sustainable way of living. I’m not interested in fad diets or unsustainable approaches. We all deserve to live a beautiful, energised life. I can show you just how achievable it is. 

I believe that:

  • Everyone can experience better health and vitality, regardless of where they’re at
  • Healing the gut is a powerful way to address many health symptoms and conditions
  • Eating wholefoods can be easy, affordable, nutritious and delicious - for the whole family
  • Evidence-based, scientific research blended with compassionate coaching support through small, consistent changes leads to life-changing success
  • Creating a healthy mind and body sustains you through all life’s challenges, and gives you the gift of vitality and longevity
  • You deserve to feel good in your own body. You are worth prioritising.

Experienced, compassionate integrative nutrition coaching supported by evidence-based nutrient formulations and personalised nutrition

Let’s Work Together

Working with us is like working with a knowledgeable, supportive and motivational friend. One who keeps you accountable, shares her wisdom and is willing to have a firm chat when it’s needed. 

While each Program is tailored to your needs, my process includes in-depth private video consultations, experienced support to implement the BioAlai Health System, practical tips and recipes, and everyday habits and bio-hacks to make regaining your health easier than it’s ever been. We’ll share our expertise and experience as integrative nutrition coaches, providing you with all the latest research and medical insights to help you rediscover your health.

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Introducing the Bio-Alai Health System

Tap into cutting-edge medical science with the Bio-Alai Health System. The System includes the powerful MyAlai™ Multisystem Support, with 36 active ingredients, as well as your own Personalised Nutrition Plan, tailored to your own needs. You’ll also receive access to the online learning platform, so you can take control of your own wellbeing. The Bio-Alai Health System gives you the essential tools to reclaim your vitality, soothe your gut and take control of your health and wellbeing. And if you need a little support, I’m always here to help.

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